Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Live @ Lime between 7 and 9.

It's Tuesday night January 5th 2010 and not only is it fish n chip night we have live music at the Lime!Some of our regular gang were in along with some new faces that came to support Rachel Sedacca.
People were happy really just startled at my camera and double flash I think. Grant still has his brother and his son visiting. It will be sad to see them go as they fit in very well on our Caribbean island.
The lovely Walsh's are back with us in San Pedro, they want the sun to come out and play with them though.
These very lovely ladies are staying at the only B and B on the island called Changes in Latitudes.
Cindy on the left is one of the owners of Changes along with some great people with some great hats.
Wade from Tropic Air, always a friendly face to greet you when you step off those planes.

Cassidy is back from her trip home to Canada where she was very cold, I think she brought some of their weather with her back to Belize.

Here she is the singer herself, Rachel Sedacca.

The Reef Village group.

Trying to get a good picture of Rodrigo which can be hard at times.

The lovely Mary who pops in now and again came for food and music.

Jd is in the house!
Love this shirt, there is no losing Grant tonight, come in number 9!

Smile ladies
Cass has had a busy night and loves it, no time to even have a smoke which is even better.

Have a have at least one where I am in it.

There is usually a dog or two in Lime and tonight this newbie stopped by to say hi and have a drink and a treat.

Who says you can't be healthy on fish n chip night? I had the fish grilled which was very scrummy and healthy too.
Time to say good night to Rachel and cheers for a very entertaining evening, she had quite a following and is playing at other venues through out the week.

Cheers for now have to go out and about and find some material to blog about!

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