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LIme's Lime cook off-January 2010!

Friday night saw the first cook off in Lime for 2010, the theme which was suggested to us was Lime.Check out both that beautiful smile on Ashley's face and that delicious looking dessert which came from the restaurant Nautica that recently re-opened.

Wade with his home made Lime/rum cake, which we have small ones on sale at Lime.

It's a party night and we have Victor in charge of the balloon display as always.

Meet Shannon, our newest member of staff at Lime who has come in place of Natasha, and very happy to do so. Her first cook off so thrown in at the deep end but think she's a swimmer!

Check out those great prizes, not only do you help to raise money for a good cause but you might walk away with a nice bottle of something too.

My good friends Marilyn and Kate who got here nice and early to avoid the usual rush. They both like it that now there is no smoking while there is food therefore all cook offs are now smoke free!The smoking room is available outside of course, we are not that mean!

These men were very friendly and not too camera shy!

A great start to the evening of a Saga Humane Society fundraiser was Grant one of the board members coming in with a donation of $100.00bz from a local businessmen. As you can see from that face all donations are gratefully received as Saga is a non-profit organisation which relys on grants, donations and the Vet clinic of which we are without right now as we have no vet.

Jamilla Janmohamed bringing in her scrummy entry of the night. Jamilla and her husband Jim are not only very close friends of all of ours but also generous donors of Saga as they have been on the island over 20yrs. They were here when Saga started over 10yrs ago and help to ensure it will be around for another 10. Jamilla is also a fine cook who is going to do an Indian night very soon in Lime as a fundraiser.
Chris Allnatt of Pelican Properties, hopefully spelt correctly this time, came to support our evening. It was his first cook off so hopefully he will not be disappointed, he looks happy enough to hand money over for the cause.

The overall winners of 2009's cook offs, Portofino were here with their entry for the Lime one.

Myself and Jamilla, happy to pose for the camera as we had both washed our hair this evening and were all glam ready for the after party.

Shannon put in two entries this evening so here we have her getting her chicken tacos ready which is a local favourite.

This dish has been creating some excitement all day as the lady that made it had had a stressful day and we thought that maybe it would end up with a chicken dish and drunken cook! However that was not the case as she came to Lime very sober with half a bottle of Tequila left bless her she should have drunk it.
This dish tasted as good as it looked and I don't even like beef, it was just as good as it looked.

Lime and chicken soup which was the entry from Lime Bar and Grill of course!

Also from Lime was the grilled fish. After I had this as a healthy option on Tuesday's Fish N Chip night I knew it was good enough to go into the cook off so Lucy prepared a dish to taste.

Shannon's chicken tacos were oh so very good indeed.

How professional is this entry, it was also one very tasty dish with two shrimps on each stick and a dipping sauce to go with it.

This was Sushi Sharon's entry who works at Lime but it was her own creation, we all know what a good cook she is and this shrimp concoction proved it.

Time for desserts. Key Lime cheesecake.
Lime meringue?
Here we have Rosa who is another Saga board member and her husband Joe who built our isolation unit that we have been raising funds for. She made a dessert.

The lovely Cindy who always supports these events with her equally lovely daughter.

Maya and Colette wrapped up for the winter we seem to be having right now. In the back round in the red is Ari another Saga board member talking to a newcomer to San Pedro, David.

The crowds are getting ancy and eat all that good food that they see on display, lets go we are hearing! We all know that everything is on Belize time and this cook off didn't start at 6pm but nearer 6.30pm.
JD and Maureen aka Madame, together in a picture together for a change.

A table of glamour and smiley faces which we always like to have in Lime.

Some regular faces.These guys were all discussing who got the first appointment with Christine the hair dresser when she gets back from her weekend away-not!!!!

This beautiful lady brought her family to this cook off and is usually the one taking the pictures.

These two were having a cheeky taste after they had cut up all those tantalising desserts.

We made sure Marilyn and Kate were the first to kick off the cook off as they had been here so long waiting for it to start.That is one thing that still amazes me after five years living here we have the best support network-cheers ladies see you at the next one!

The lovely Jean on the right brough her Lime Cello for us all to taste which was a hit.

Not sure what this face was about on Colette but I thought she looked so cute and hip too!

More smiles from Jeff
The line up was long and feirce

Once we started it never let up for about an hour.

People don't mind the wait as it is all in a good cause and they know they will get there in the end.
Here they go again this pair are always eating, cheeky little monkies that they are!

This wee fellow wasn't on the menu so don't worry but he also wasn't supposed to be at the cook off, explanation to follow along with many more pictures of a very precious little puppy.

Cuter than cute and no bigger than Robbie's hand.

Cindy's mum from England is here visiting for a while, we think maybe she brought this bad weather with her but still love to see her!

The raffle had been planned all along but this little prop wasn't, however I have since heard from Robbie that he wants a puppy or a kitten every time he is asking for money for Saga! Robbie is the king of selling raffle and I would know as I am the queen of it!

I am sorry but there can never be enough pictures of something so cute and so helpless.

Time to check that everyone has voted so here we have the line up of all those fantastic dishes that people just sampled.

Oh look who's here again!

This is the lovely Morgan that found the puppy on the beach in front of Playa Lounge in a carrier bag! Along with her mum they took it to the private vet and got it checked out then came to the cook off as planned.
Time to add up all the votes and see who are the winners this month.

This lucky man won the raffle for the Ipod, the money raised was over $400.00bz which all goes towards the Saga Humane Society. He's pleased as punch eh!

In reverse order we have in 4th place, as it was so close this time we added that prize and I had some chocolate that I wanted to get rid of we have Portofino.

Third was Jamilla.
Second was Lime Bar and Grill with their Lime and chicken soup that is on the daily menu-yes a plug but what the hell my blog and my place of work!

First was Sushi Sharon who also works in Lime so lets just say that Lime cleaned up in the Lime cook off!
One of the free raffle winners was Jim Jammohamed who doesn't really need that selection pack either!
So what happened to the puppy at the end of the night I hear you all ask?

This is Caco, Ari's husband and they decided that this helpless little creature was going home with them.
The end of the night was drawing near, there were other parties going on tonight so people started to head out.
Cassidy had put her dancing shoes on which made her a whole head taller than Victor! Time to vacate the building!
It was a great night with well over $1000.00bz made, which is all going towards the upgrades at Saga. Good people, good food good clean fun, now the chore of coming up with the next theme, ideas are very welcome please email me cheers for now.

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