Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's Wednesday which is doughnut day!!!!

Wednesday's in Lime are doughnut day. Our fantastic cook Karen makes a batch which we sell for only one Belize dollar each. We also decide who gets them free this day and off I go to deliver them. Today I needed an excuse to go and see the wee fluffy ones at Saga Humane Society so off I went in search of worthy people.

Lori Purdy is on the board of Saga and loves our doughnuts so luckily enough for her I had to stop and see her on route!
This is Katy Eggert who is the chairwomen of Saga and usually found around the Humane Society doing something. Also a fan of all things sweet and not just dogs. She usually fosters the many puppies that are at the shelter.

Even the dogs want one, this little tinker kept jumping up at anyone that was trying to eat a doughnut.

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