Sunday, January 17, 2010

KIsses are exchanged!

This lovely man, Ralph from Canada brought me down lots of chocolate kisses for our fundraising for the Humane Society so I sent him back to his lovely wife with one from me!

He looks too happy to be leaving, however the reason for that is because they will both be back in March. That trip is for nearly a month so like they say the sooner people leave the sooner we will see them again!
You know how cold it is in Belize right now when you see our good friend Sari dressed like this!

Look who she was hanging out with, the lively Malcolm and Mary were back in town for a few days. Malcolm pointed out that the only bar he had been in on this trip was ours-Orange! I pointed out the colour of the walls and asked him where he was?

It was great to see them both and have our usual banter with him about life in our wee island and all the trials that go with it!

Mary has never been this cold in all their years of living here. For those followers that can't believe this trust me we have all been wearing jeans and jumpers and socks! Not what you want to hear if you are heading this way soon but it is cheering up by the day.

Group shot by Sharon C.

We tried to be just the blondes but if you know Malcolm you would not be surprised that he wanted in!
Sharon C and Malcolm go way back as they told me and always have a hug for each other.

Sari who never has a phone too far from her ear, I knew I could talk but that is just for England she can talk for the whole of the United States bless her!

It is so cool that we are located directly across from Tropic Air as people will always have time to stop and say hi or bye! Lime is like the windows of San Pedro as we get to see just about everyone and as those of you who have been here would know there is very little chance to hide anything even if you wanted to.

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