Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cindy gets pulled!!!!

This fabulous picture proves what a superstar Cindy Vigna really is. I went away for the weekend to Belmopan to the Belize Jungle Dome to visit my Canadian friend Karen formally Turner but now Cruz, congratulations to Karen and Omar and we wish them all the best for the future! Obviously I can't just up and go and leave the four legged ones to fend for themselves all weekend so my very good friend and co-worker Cindy not only dog sat but house sat also.
Those of you out there that know me and my dogs know what a handful Lisbon can be and how she takes herself off on her own walks when the desire sets in. Therefore Cindy took no chances of this happening on her watch and had what she calls the naughty rope with her which is the yellow rope around her neck which gives the wee one more lee way than the lead but not enough to get away.
I will use this blog to say a huge thank you and a belated happy birthday to one special person in our lives, mine and my dogs and all our good friends in San Pedro, cheers to one and all and we can't wait to celebrate Cindy's birthday next Saturday!

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