Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cocktail party

Check out those smiles for the camera!

Which angles make us look the smallest? Half way through our competition and still friends would you believe, hold on this was a cocktail party posting not a Cindy and Sharon getting smaller in front of us! Check out the sunset though cool eh?

Why the happy faces? Oh because Jackie is heading back to sunny England tomorrow as she misses all that rain! Wait and within a week she will wish she was back here reading by the pool all day as she does it so well.
Jackie looking very cool in her Belize hat! Helping the new guests with the answers as she has been to a couple of these over the past three weeks and knows them by heart now. We are so mean we wouldn't let her do the quiz after the first week.

Checking out Sharon's rum punch which I have to say was a wee bit bland this week, sorry people it's the end of the season and we are using up supplies!

She is looking for inspiration from this man who doesn't give a monkeys about the seven dwarfs or what day bingo is or the chicken drop is at all.

Our lovely owners one the left hand side the Wilcox family who brought some friends with them this year to hang out with and share our little piece of paradise.

Ah well that was a mellow cocktail party as it may be our last for a while as we are heading into that time of year that they call hurricane season! Fingers crossed for us and everyone out there in the path of the storms out there and ones to follow.
I don't know why people don't rush here for September and October as it is like having the place all to yourselves. No queues anywhere (that would be lines to some of you) no rushing to save sun chairs by the pool and beach and just generally a fun and relaxing time to be here. Oh well we will look after the place for you all for the next time you come to hang with us all being well that we are still here!
Have a great weekend and remember there are some great deals at this time of year for all our RCI owners and friends and families of owners, email me at ! Ta ta for now from the gang here at The Villas At Banyan Bay.

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