Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weightloss - we're halfway there! Week 8 of 16

Actually, we're a little more than halfway there.
Here are our stats.
Sharon: target weightloss is 14kg - lost 10.4 kg, which is 74% of the target
Cindy: target weightloss is 7.4kg - lost 4.6kg, which is 62% of the target

Sharon has lost 3" of bust, 5" of waist, 2" of hips, 2" of thighs and 1.5" of arms
Cindy has lost 0" of bust, 3" of waist, 2" of hips, 2" of thighs and 0" of arms

Cindy is indeed thrilled that none of her bust has disappeared (as is Paul her partner).

Neither of us can yet fit into that elusive pair of "skinny" jeans, but we're very proud of ourselves and are keeping going.

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