Thursday, September 25, 2008


After just reading Taco's blog about Pedro cooking roast beef today and knowing that Cindy is starving herself right now I had to blog dinner last night!
After the most horrendous trip back to Chicago which I will blog about tomorrow or later maybe we decided to stop for dinner. I knew I wanted chicken and Racquel wanted food that stuck to your sides whatever that is so we stopped at this place that she knew. In two minds of what to have I think we covered all the bases and between us we polished alot of this off. Needless to say the work out dvd's are coming out asap. It was yummy though and hit the right spots, I have been corrected by Racquel as she said "food that sticks to your ribs" not sides, sorry.


Rachel Hoke said...

oh my God! I can't indentify if you're eating breakfast or dinner!!!

Cindy the Conquerer said...

Just keep munching! I'm exercising as if my life depended on it - I even managed a healthy lunch at AkBol!

Boydies Belize Blog said...

I blame the long laborious day that I had to endure, totally your fault Rachel as I put back on a pound at least!