Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello San Pedro

Seeing as most of the people that follow this blog are from the states I thought I had better post some pictures from Belize. Here are a couple of pictures that come to mind when I think of San Pedro and my home in no order of preference apart from the first one! Not Paul but the dogs of course, sorry Paul.

Cindy and I the day before I left hanging out at Island Perk where is all goes on, this is our version of friends as you can sit here for hours and catch up with so many people, good and bad!
Of course the one and only Scottish JD who can't keep up with my whereabouts right now but he can't on San Pedro either so that's no surprise!

This is our version of a motorway but alot less stress.

I brought a swim suit with me but doubt I will be using it whilst on this trip so am hoping my friends and neighbours are making good use of mine at home! Paul visiting from England loved it.

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