Thursday, September 25, 2008

A day in the life of Rachel Hoke!

A nice early start in the Hoke household as Drew gets up at 6am to have breakfast and get off to school. Their day actually starts off earlier than that as coach Hoke leaves at 4.30am which is totally off the wall but these guys and their football is all serious stuff. So like the great mum she is Rachel is up and about seeing to breakfast and packed lunches, in between grabbing some needed cups of coffee herself. Jennifer gets up as Drew leaves so now there is an hour with her to get her organised. Jen gets picked up outside the house which is very handy and gives Rachel the chance to chat to the other parents in the neighbourhood and the dogs too. They all plan to tailgate of Fridays, with Bloody Mary's I would hope!Once the kids are all off to school it's time for the dogs to get a quick run if time permitting so off we went to suss out the area and pick up after those long Corgi's!

Those retractable leads are great especially for these pair of rascals as for something with wee legs they are quick.Now the day starts for Rachel and I know she had cleared her day to spend time with me and take me to some of her local haunts. We went for lunch of course and a glass of wine, I sure hope she has it harder than this or it's alot like my job! I think like me she makes it look easy, check out that bowl of fruit, um how good am I?
Here she is in a very professional capacity, a well deserved glass of Chardonnay after a full packed day already or so it seems as she gets woken at 4am every day.

This was our waiter who was the best and looking after our healthy eating campaign, check out the to-go box it's black!

Well it wouldn't be lunch without dessert now would it! In our defense it was one small piece cut into two as I said he was looking after our best interests. Yes it was worth the calories and we will walk the wee legs of the dogs later to burn it all off! I can see Cindy smiling as I type away and in total glee.It doesn't take long before they turn you into a Spartan fan here in Michigan so before I knew it I was wearing a t-shirt and would now seem to be green! This is their neighbour who helps out with the kids when needed.
Guess what's for tea as the adults are going out so Jen gets her favourite dinner, bless that child she is easily pleased thank goodness.
Another quick walk as we haven't burnt off that dessert yet so the dogs are paying for that one and poor Jen as I wanted to do some extra steps.

WE got back to the house and I kept seeing this frog in the garden and was chasing it around to try and kiss it! I am sure my prince lies in one of these somewhere in the world so am not taking the chance of missing him. Unfortunately the dogs saw him to and it was all over as he hopped into the pond.
We popped out to East Lansing's version of a pub called the Tap Room which was very nice. The waitress said she loved my voice and Rach told her I was a fake which cracked us all up and the poor girl was lost then.
My date for the night the lovely Scott who has some fantastic stories involving why he has 6 engagement rings in his possession. It made me feel good about only having one so far!

It was to be an early one so back to the ranch for soon after 8pm to hang with the dogs and the kids, this reminded me of my house at night and how entertaining the dogs can be.

Alot of friendly fighting between everyone, then time to calm down and wind it up for the evening. The size of that telly is crazy stuff, plus with the surround sound it was just like the movies. We caught the end of one of the Austin Powers films of which I have never seen but found very funny.Unbeknown to me the dogs are not allowed on the sofa until I came to stay anyhow then Rachel and Tommy kinda forgot that rule and went with it. The poor little buggers were all worn out from the extra walking they had been made to do today, which was all my fault.
Wow another busy day in America and now time to try and blog it before I leave tomorrow and start another adventure.

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Rachel Hoke said...

HAHAHA! Hello my dear Shaz darling!!! Well - that was pretty darn funny and let me tell you that after my day today, I very much needed a "right laugh" as my friend with the fake English accent would say!! :) Your observation of the day is spot on with the exception that you left out the 3 hours of grueling homework! Nothing like repeating the 6th grade all over again while helping your 6th grade son. NOW you understand why we drink so much on vacation in Belize!!! TATA you and we miss you. Can't wait to see you in May! I'll give you a call tomorrow in between running my mother around greater North Carolina and her various appointments...ugh. Time for a few glasses of wine.