Thursday, September 18, 2008

Off to the states go I!

Is Chicago ready? I hope so as I am heading that way later on today, I knew it was the windy city but I believe it is the rainy city right now so I should feel right at home coming from England!
I have to say that it is raining like cats and dogs in San Pedro right now so I leave rain to join rain, um that's not the plan.
From Chicago I go to Michigan to see some more RCI owners of ours from Banyan Bay then over to Long Island to catch up with some family that I haven't seen for two years.
Any of you out there which are in the area should email me so we can meet up for a cup of tea! No not coooofffeeee as I am totally British.
I leave the house and more importantly Jackie and Lisbon in the more than capable hands of my very good friend Beth Hart from Rhode Island. She loves the dogs like I do however we all know that Lisbon can be a tinker now and again so fingers crossed that she is in a mellow mood while I am away! Beth has the names and numbers of all the people Lisbon likes to go and see when having a wander around Ambergris Caye, D and E's ice cream parlour being number one on the list! Bless that dog she and I are so alike, and as Laurie said one day the apple doesn't fall far from the tree eh!
I will miss them and my life here in SP but am looking forward to having some adventures along the way of my long overdue visit to the States. I will blogging as I go and keeping you all up to date, TTFN.

Cindy making sure that I am leaving and how bloody happy does she look! Bless her miss that tinker already and know she will ne kidnapping this!


Kathy said...

Where in Michigan will you be going? Dan and I are leaving Saturday for 5 days in Michigan - maybe we can get together if you are somewhere in our vicinity

tacogirl said...

Have a great trip

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Kathy I think I am going to be somewhere near Langsing I will let you know nearer the time