Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why do we live here? The sunrise for one reason!

These pictures were taken early one morning by Paul Dooley my friend from England who was just here with me to prove that he did get up in time to see the sunrise. If you are looking at the time on his camera you have to take 7 hrs off it as he has it still on England time so well done Paul you did it and saw the spectacular sights that I see most mornings.
I love this time of day as there are very few people around so you can have the time to yourself and think about the day ahead. Plus those of you out there that know me and my hounds will know about Lisbon chasing black men on their bicycles heading to work, well at this time of the day we miss most of them and have a drama free walk.
Whilst living in England I wasn't close enough to the beach to see it very often and my job had me up and on the go first thing each day rushing around, heading to and from work in the dark each day. If I had known then how different my life was to become it would have made me get through those long days with a smile but now as I walk in peace I smile at how things have changed. This was taken near the Yatch club with the Catamaran that we take out regularly for sunset cruises, um maybe a sunrise cruise should be the next one we do!

Another dock nearer town this time before the busy day starts and people are out and about.