Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trimming time for the coconut trees

It really is time to catch up on all the jobs that get overlooked in the busy times so now it is time to get up there and clear out those coconuts. This wee man just climbed this tree as easy as if he were getting in and out of a golf cart! He was up there in seconds and before you knew it there were coconuts dropping from the sky.

Right in there about to start chopping away
Here comes the first one, clear the decks below or that would be one hell of a headache, worse than any hangover I bet!
Luckily Eli from the dive shop has a very decent camera and she caught some good shots of the coconuts speeding down.
This little fellow as in the Kingfisher so I'm told down below moved right on in the tree as soon as our man left it to see what there was for him.

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