Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chicago here we come!

Saturday morning and poor Racquel would have been having a lie in if I hadn't been here to visit! I was good today and let her sleep until past 9am. I haven't sussed out her coffee maker yet so just woke her up with a friendly nudge, tomorrow I will master it. We have a busy day ahead so time to wake sleeping beauty. Here she is that super model again, getting a boost from a banana as she isn't really a breakfast or morning person unlike some people we know.
Here we go heading into Chicago and me being a real tourist wanting to take pictures of everything. Football stadium where the Bears play or something like that, not that is should be called football as they don't use their feet but what do I know?
Big city here we come
First stop was the Hard Rock Cafe and a well deserved beer to start the day.

This was just like being in London with the double decker buses and luckily a lovely day to be sat on one and get a tour of the city.We have our route and can plan where to get on and off out of 13 stops.
Some huge buildings

Time for a pit stop in the Milennium park and to find the bean that Racquel wanted to see

Oh well it was that time again to find a loo and one can't be rude and just whizz in and out so we stayed for a beer and were convinced to try the best pizza ever! Pedro has no worries as his beat this hands down.
We found the bean which was huge and like a big mirror

We got off again to use the loo and do some shopping, when on earth would I wear this in Belize? Needless to say I didn't buy it.
We had booked a fabulous restaurant for dinner called the Melting Pot so here we are a few hours later having a fantastic fondue dinner.

Racquel doing the honours with some rather lovely red wine
After a hard days shopping and sightseeing time to do some blogging with one of Racquel's cats watching on, this is Archie and me in my Bridget Jones pj's.
Tomorrow I am heading off for a couple of days to my next destination to see Rachel Hoke and her family in East Langsing, Mitchigan. She is another timeshare owner at Banyan Bay that I have been promising to visit for about 3 years now so I will be leaving Racquel in peace and quiet for a bit.

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