Monday, September 29, 2008

Dave Brodsky is 40!!

Here we go after weeks of planning the big day, the surprise came and boy was he surprised as he thought they were going out for dinner with their good friends Shannon and Ritchie. They got stopped at the lights and he Saw a crowd of people at the fire house and wondered what was going on, soon to realise it was all about him and he had way more friends than he ever knew! Happy birthday Dave, 40 but still acting half his age! His gorgeous wife Alicia the super sneak, as she had been running around all week telling him little white lies about where she was coming from and going to. Being the super cop that he is he knew something was up as he spotted a pasta strainer in the sink on Friday night when they had broccoli for dinner! How she got away with so much is beyond everyone but being a female always helps!
Here she is again all relaxed now that everything is out in the open she can chill and enjoy the night that she worked so hard to put on.

The in-laws, my aunt and uncle, Pat and John Caturano always ready to party and be the life and soul and on sight child care when the time comes.

Shannon whom my family call Sharon alot and then do the same to me as in call me Shannon, another party animal. ( she likes cake too!)

Nearly all my immediate family

They really are a friendly bunch in Long Island and this crazy guy is no exception. Anthony and auntie Pat used to work together on the boats and were telling a few stories about those good old days! Ah the long lost cousins! They now all know where Belize is and may even make a trip to come and visit one day as I am 2/0 as in 2 trips to see them recently and none to see me!

Here is the Brodsky gang, the boys Tommy and Tyler are mini Dave's and then there is Gianna who could go either way mum or dad!

Dave doing the rounds and trying his luck at some cards with all the money Alicia gave him. There were some serous winners as in one lady who took home 31k of funny money!

You all knew it was coming, that time of night when the cake came out which was so fine n creamy. Well you had a have a piece to be sociable no? The cookies were good too all the various colours tasted different!

How cute these guys are, still in love after 15 years together. Not sure who deserves the medal, probably both of them!
Cards over and time to really party and show some moves that should be saved for the home only but hey it's a party and there has been free flowing beer all night long!

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