Monday, September 22, 2008

Michigan we made it!

Poor Racquel had to get up at 5am this morning to get rid of me to a train station so this is what it looks like at that time, all nice and peaceful in her neighbourhood until i got there anyhow.

Isn't she just so put together even at that time, ready for a day in the office while I go gadding about the countryside.Not quite the sunrises I am used to but still nice to see as we whizz around at warp speed 20!

Ah ha we found the nearest station to save going into Chicago and with a little help from Richard (our navigation guy) I was there in plenty of time. Off I go to my next stop as two days anywhere is enough for people to take!
First stop was to see Tommy, Rachel's hubby and get a tour of their new areas which cost a few million dollars.This picture is mainly for Pedro back in San Pedro Belize as thee was some kinda bet between Rachel and him with the Notre Dame game and of course she won and wants to rub it in. There was big stakes on it and she can't wait to cash in!
Rachel's beautiful children Drew and Jen busy doing their homework before people come over for dinner.

Rachel being a Martha Stewart of the brownie world with the dogs wanting to help clean up!

Their new Zen garden which is really lovely

Um Murphy forgets he's not the size of the cat and really won't fit through there!

Tommy in charge of the chicken and their friend John looking on. John is on a tryout for coming to Belize with them next year and so far the jury's out!
She wouldn't take no for an answer and made me drink wine! Cindy will be her element seeing these pictures but little does she know about the secret weapon!

These dogs are not spoilt at all as you can see.

Well it would be rude not to nibble one after she went to all that effort of opening a packet!

So 3 years after knowing Rachel Barnett as she was then but now Hoke I have made it to her home after her many visits to mine. I have been blessed so far with the weather as it has been really sunny and warm, fingers crossed that continues. So far good company, wines and food. A million or so it seems miles away from home but not good people, ttfn.

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Cindy the Conquerer said...

Wine, brownies! HAHA. I'm on water and brocoli! And since when did you start "gadding"?