Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let's go shopping!

When it comes to shopping I should have been a man as I hate it. I don't like queues, lots of people pushing and shoving and getting dressed and undressed numerous times. For the past few years I have been blessed to have Beth Hart and her lovely mum doing this job for me, but my plan has fallen apart now that Beth has moved to San Pedro. Therefore like the brave British soldier I could have been and after numerous cups of Tetley, Racquel and I head to the outlet place to see what we could find, she bribed me with something nice for lunch so off we went!

This is the view from her deck whilst I was sitting with my tea waiting for her to wake up, after a while I just went up and took a photo of her which I am not allowed to print (will do once I have moved to my next destination)!

The front of her house and her lovely car which is much more spacious than a golf cart.

First stop was pet smart of course, I had to get some new name tags for the wee ones as Lisbon seems to lose hers after a night on the tiles and Cindy needed one for Molly. Anyone else out there who wants some need to email me as I love going in there and will pop back in a nanosecond. I wanted to stay all day and hang with this lot as they were having so much fun.

They can stay and check in for days like superstars (only in America eh)! You guys think of everything this side of the world and I love it!

Is this girl just so cool or what? She is like our very own Cindy Crawford, we were having a great time in Calvin Klein no less and people thought we were stars as I was taking so many pictures, well I don't get out much do I? OK this picture is purely for Cindy as someone may have eaten this total piece of indulgence, I wonder who that be?
OK here is the culprit and one seriously happy camper! I can feel where it went already but at the time who gave a monkeys!
After a hard day at the shops and many fantastic bargains later is was back to base camp for a cup of well deserved tea! Look at all those bags, I have a whole new wardrobe now.

Here she is again, that supermodel I keep on bumping into, taking five before the next stint.
I am so happy and calm once I have a cup of tea in my hand, how things have changed since I became a saint as it would have been a red wine a while back!
So off to a pub before the movies for a quiet first night in Chicago, Racquel had a beer and I had a spritzer no less.
It may not be Pedro's but was on the same theme as lots of people hanging out and having fun, I couldn't see a Jager bell anywhere thank goodness.
We went to the movies from here and saw Women which was ok but possibly just a dvd night at home on the sofa. We went home from there and had an early night as in 12pm to save ourselves for tomorrow and day 2 in Chicago.

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