Friday, September 26, 2008

Planes, trains and automobiles!

Here goes my travels from Michigan back to Chicago. Rachel and Tommy drop me off at the bus station at 11am as she was on the way to the airport to visit her mum in Carolina. My bus is supposed to be at 12.35pm so I kill some time by wandering around some nearby shops, all good.

Bus is late which was to be expected by all accounts only about half an hour which another passenger said was good.

It was a nice enough bus with a toilet and very active air conditioning, there go my feet again freezing! We also had a screaming child on board to give it a nice family atmosphere-lovely! So the bus gets us to Battle Creek with no dramas which is where we were told we had to wait for a charter bus as the original one wasn't going to the train station in Chicago. So we wait about half an hour, screaming baby sleeps at this point, bless her!

The second bus comes at about 3pm and we get on this. I am thinking no biggie we are just half an hour or so behind so poor Racquel will be ok waiting for me at the stop. Unbeknown to me we were to stop at every wee town we seemed to go through and pick up people on route. The screaming child that had found her lungs earlier really found them about 2 hours into the trip and to be honest I wanted to join in! It was now way gone 5pm the time I am supposed to be at the train station near Raquel's work and still I am on a frigging bus!

We finally get to union station in Chicago to find that there had been an accident at one of the stops and all trains were on hold. I get a hold of Racquel who is frantic by now and thinks I have been abducted to tell her my where abouts.

We are told which platform to be at and wait for the forthcoming train.

By now it is about 7.30pm and as can be seen people are stressed about getting home (they haven't even been on a bus all day!)

The trains start coming and the crazy full station starts to clear.

Needless to say it was great to see a smiling Racquel once I got off at the station, I guess the couple of red wines that she had to drink whilst waiting for me helped.

If ever there was a time I would have loved to of had some cake it would have been now and I recall that one I saw earlier in the supermarket this morning whilst killing time. It was a long day and a couple of times I was missing transport by golf cart but hey they are all worth it!

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