Monday, September 29, 2008

Lisbon the wanderer!!! Poor Beth

This picture is not my dog Lisbon but the nearest I can get to one right now. I am laughing my head off after receiving an email from Beth this morning and just hearing from Cindy right now on the phone.
As we all know Lisbon goes off on her own if she's bored and wants a walk and by all accounts the weather has been bad since I left San Pedro. My dogs being fair weather animals don't go out so much in the rain when they should pop out even for five minutes. However Lisbon goes when she wants to and Saturday morning was found by Cindy at Crazy Canucks whilst having breakfast and stayed and played with Cindy's Molly. She was dropped off at home and then later on in the day JD found her hanging out at the Playa Lounge and would you believe put her in a taxi and sent home to Beth! Only my dog would roam around the place at will looking for some buddies to play with. Poor Beth was probably worried about the four legged little monkey but we all know by now that she turns up in the end. Ambergris Caye is so small that there really is very little chance of getting away with anything and you are spotted pretty quickly wherever you are.
We said that there were going to be some stories to tell on my return and that is just one of them no doubt.

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Rachel Hoke said...

So if that's not Lisbon who is it??? Looks a bit like our dear old friend Charlie. The kids can't wait to see your dogs by the way! Maybe Lisbon can hang out in Grand Colony with us when we're there so she feels as though she's on vacation!