Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yerh we did it!

Finally the weather was on our side on Monday afternoon so we headed out to the reef to dive 60 feet down under! Urhhhh I was thinking at the beginning of our descent as I kept looking up and seeing how far from the top we were going. Olivia took to the whole thing like a fish, poor Gilbert had trouble with his ears and me well not one to fail just thought lets get this all over with. After a while and all being well and doing some of the last skills I had a look around and was impressed with what was down there swimming around us. I can't even remember the weird and wonderful colourful fish but is was cool being there amongst them.
I liked them all so much that when back on the surface and waiting to get on the boat I fed them all! Yes who was a bit sick? Me as it was rather rough out there and it gave everyone something to tease me about all afternoon.
Back to land, sorted out the gear and then to review our test that we had all done that morning. A few discussions followed then we were all set and good to go, 3 more Padi divers here in San Pedro. I have to say a huge thank you to Mr Silvin as he is one very patient man and a lot of fun to be with above and below the water.
Cindy picked us up in town to save the embarrassment of walking back in wetsuits and took this picture of 2 tired but happy young ladies.

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