Monday, September 29, 2008

Gianna is 4 today!

Here she is the birthday girl Gianna Brodsky 4 today, she is the one in the middle of her friends waiting to go out and play. Time to jump around and burn off some of that energy on this Sunday afternoon, Tyler at the front is a pro at this.

She is in there somewhere surrounded by the big boys, it's hard to keep your balance while the bigger guys are in there too.

Um some of the leftovers from dad's birthday yesterday which tasted as good the second time around! Please tell me there isn't anything to celebrate tomorrow and we will have a day without cake! This cousin of mine is so full of family love, I gave her two special hand signals back to her one as I have missed her so much. She threatens to come and see me in Belize with Shannon and if that is ever the case we would have a blast together as we are quite a bit alike at times.

Mum and dad looking on as Gianna is about to cut her very special princess cake.

Alicia still looking fresh after some non-stop days planning this whole weekend. Plus one very tanned person who doesn't even live in the caribbean!

Um let there be cake!
Would you believe that one cake wasn't enough for Alicia and she goes and gets another one for Dave so that we can celebrate his again as it is actually today the same day as his daughter.

Dave was quick to grab Tommy, his sons hand to stop him from getting a frozen Oreo cookie as he wanted them all! Auntie Pat hanging on in there at the head of the table trying to keep some order.
One happy Dave proving that you can have your cake and eat it!

Time to open all the presents at break neck speed while dad tries to keep up with who they are from.
One happy dad surrounded by friends and family on his and Gianna's special day. He is 40 and she is 4 and everyone is happy.

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