Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 2 of certification

Here we go day two and closer to being certified. Unfortunately the weather was against us today as it was too rough to continue with dives 3 and 4 so we were to have a day of study and see who had read and retained the books! Um well we didn't do as well as we should have done and were told off for lack of studying however we paid attention to Mr Silvin in our makeshift classroom and are all good to go now. Fingers crossed for a smoother day tomorrow.
Olivier. myself and the adorable Victor smiling at Mr Silvin after 6 hours of school!

This was a look he tended to favour today as we were not the best students he has ever had and were a bit cheeky now and again.

Back at base camp as in Banyan Bay Bottom Time to check in with Eli at the dive shop and tell her how we had gotten on today.

Eli and her husband Vidal having a quiet moment for a change and being photographed instead of taking them as she usually does.

This picture taken at Banyan Bay doesn't give the full effect of the weather but you can see the odd ripple or two which was just too strong for us newbies to the dive world. Mr Silvin doesn't want us feeding the fish just yet, bless him he is being so kind to us all right now.

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