Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long Island hangover!

Hangovers are bad wherever you are in the world and being here in Long Island is no better or worse than those I have had in the past. The one saving grace is that I am surrounded by people also feeling rough today.
I arrived at JFK at 5pm yesterday afternoon and had to be ready to leave the house by 6.30pm for my cousin's husband surprise 40th party. So I was whizzed from the airport to my aunt's house to have the quickest shower ever and be ready to go. This being accomplished we were at the firehouse on time and just before the guest of honour. It was a great evening and I have plenty of photos to follow once I suss out yet another computer.
I am off to the same cousin's daughter's 4th birthday party today so non-stop food and drink all over again, but the really fantastic thing is that there for sure will be CAKE!!!!

Hello, this is Cindy....just a little encouragement from San Pedro: eat that cake!!! and don't forget to have a second

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