Friday, September 19, 2008

Chicago has a visitor!

Good morning from sunny Chicago! I am here at last after a few weeks of wanting to be and all is great so far. Racquel was late picking me up from the airport so after 40 mins and a Starbucks I found a really helpful man that worked at the airport who rang her for me as I was having trouble with that old fashioned thing called a payphone. She had been stuck in traffic so all good and was nearly there.
She picks me up and my head was spinning around taking it all in, the cars the stores the roads wow no beach! Her car kept talking to us and Racquel was arguing with it as she knew better about how to get home so we went her way, not sure if the car knew better but hey we got there.
We stopped at a supermarket first and luckily I needed the loo or I would have still been in there now as I was like a kid at Christmas. We got the basics as in something for breakfast and headed home. I have lots of pictures of Racquel's house that I will post later once I have sussed out how to get them from camera to computer, I miss Cindy already!
So in summary I am here safe n sound and all is good, I am hoping the same is the situation back in San Pedro with my good friend Beth and my four legged wee ones Jackie and Lisbon, ttfn.

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Exploring Belize Continues said...

San Pedro misses you already. Hurry back. xx Colette & Maya