Friday, August 8, 2008

Lifes a beach!!! TGIF

Wow another Friday comes at us like a bolt of lightening, I swear it was Monday just yesterday. We haven't even blogged the cocktail party for this week yet and our guests are up away tomorrow. We have the lovely Arnold family back with us along with the Gladous group who have been all over Belize this week as usual, they will need a holiday to recover!
I was stuck for a picture but happened to come across this one of me and the four legged ones on our favourite beach right at Banyan Bay. They had been to pampered paws so smelling lovely enough to get close to. This picture was pre the health drive hence a bit more of me, Cindy and I have decided to publish photos next week and details of where we have lost the odd pound or two. For the many people out there who have been where we are right now they will know that it seems to leave the places we don't want it to, if only we could redistribute our padding to where we want it life would be a bowl of strawberries! Happy Friday and have a great weekend to all our followers from near and far!

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