Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sharon is disappearing before our very eyes

It's that time of week again, the Sunday weigh-in. I knew I wouldn't have done very well as I did no excercise at all last week, drank rather a lot of wine and ate anything I felt like.
Sharon has lost another kilo this week, and I, have lost nothing - but I didn't gain anything either so I'm actually rather pleased.
Sharon is still being self-righteous about not having drunk any alcohol in 5 weeks! What a nutcase! I can see her over the top of the laptop gloating.
WELL DONE! Her focus is her trip in September to visit some of our owners, but where is she going? The mystery remains.
I am now completely focused for this coming week and am going to beat her next week - heheheh.

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Rachel Hoke said...

Well I can tell you she had BETTER be coming to Michigan to see her old pals and enjoy a Spartan Football game!!! Rachel is disappearing as well and has lost 13 pounds!!! WooHoo!!!