Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ummm busy bees in Pedro's Inn?

Ok like I said last week was a crazy busy one but we did manage to fit in our usual Pedro pizza night with our owners at Banyan Bay. Here we have Barbara Lauzon with her friend Susan and of course the one and only JD being blessed with such beauties either side of him. I am not sure why Barb has that look on her face and may have to ask JD if he had just shocked them with one of his many hilarious stories!

Now it was Walter's turn to have a picture with the ladies and show just how photogenic he is, that hair has not been cut for over 15 years and is right down to his bottom! By the way the bottles behind everyone are empty Jagermeister ones and not olive oil as someone once thought and yes JD and Pedro are proud to admit that they are responsible for the vast majority of them over a three year period though! the hangovers the next day, usually on a Saturday tell the whole picture but it always seems such a good idea at the time! I can be very self-righteous now as there is very little chance of a hangover for me right now!

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Life in a Banana Republic said...

Hi Sharon,
I am going to have to pop in for a pizza nite with you guys at Pedros soon.
I'll wait until you are off your diet, so we can contribute a bottle or two to that wall of empty bottles...haha
Good luck on shedding the pounds, I have to be careful, you might inspire me....