Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Mondays!

G'day followers out there, seeing as many people think Cindy and I are Australian I might as well talk like one eh! That bit was for the Canadians out there and cor blimey for the Londoners!
Anyhow it is another week for us here in paradise, the wedding party are just leaving after a fantastic stay. They were a lot of fun to have around the place and it will be unusually quiet for a day or two. Photos to follow of the beautiful couple and their very fit triathlon friends!

Cocktail party tonight so have to go and cool the beers for that so ta ta for now and have a great day. This is one very chilled out groom just hafl an hour before the ceremony!

How crisp and elegant do they all look in white.

Simple and perfect for the caribbean

The weather was on their side also for a couple of hours anyhow.

No turning back now!

Ah everyone loves this bit, get in there my son as some would say from London!

Ok he said kiss her not swallow her up whole in one peice, this bit took longer than the whole service! Ok come on gang now it's time for cake!

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