Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday night special at Blue Lotus-yum!!

Photos as promised thanks to Cindy's camera. Here we have the birthday boy Forrest Jones and the lovely Beth Hart who is about to join us as a permanent resident in San Pedro after a few years of being a regular visitor.

Myself Sharon and Steve Lee who owns Ecologic divers on the fantastic pontoon boat ride over to Blue Lotus.
Fprrest opening his gift from me which was actually a bottle of five barrel rum which is new to the island and oh so fine!
Here he is the birhtday boy doing a wee speach!

Ah Cindy aka IT girl and Paul.

Not sure why this is being blogged as I was just proving how flexible this little number was and not a dead animal but a versitile shawl type thing from my good friend Sammy that used to be here in San Pedro, and yes for the record I was wearing a dress! It was chilly on the boat ride back but not for organised me.

Well we may be on a health drive but that doesn't stop the birthdays coming and last night was no exception! Forrest bless him was lulled into a double bluff last night with regards to getting him out to celebrate his coming of age! We told him we were celebrating Brad and Wade going away today for their union in the states but in fact 20 of us gathered to surprise him.

Blue Lotus was the venue as they have started a special on Monday nights which is $3 beers and a Keebob platter for just $15bz. Needless to say we didn't all stick to the special and some people with no will power aka IT girl had plenty of wine so we didn't stick to the budget night out we were supposed to be having now that it is slow season, but hey you only live once and when in San Pedro eat and live like kings and queens eh!

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