Tuesday, August 26, 2008

These will make you smile!

I was just forwarded this great email about senior people and some of them stuck out as they made me think of certain people out there in our lives, you know who you are and we love you.

Obviously I like the one above as it has cake in it and Cindy would have you all believe that I do love cake!

This one is way too funny as we have to be so careful and lock up everything here in San Pedro or people borrow it! We are in good stead for the later years.

Um who does this make you think of? A dirty old man even in a wheelchair, there are a few of them here in Belize we can tell you!

I have to give you all this one, this will for sure be me as I have been a speed demon and a hazard all my life whilst behind the wheel and will be no different in whatever I am driving at whatever age! Sometimes I feel there is no justice in this world as I am restricted to about 5mph in my wee golf buggie whilst here in San Pedro but wait until I go to the mainland and have a car under my control! Did I say control, my parents would beg to differ after many years of following my antics in a car!

This one just made me smile from ear to ear, am not sure who it makes me think of but love it anyhow! Ok just thought of a pilot we all know that loves bikes!

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tacogirl said...

those pics are too funny