Friday, August 8, 2008

Cocktail party, better late than never!

Cindy here, and as Sharon said earlier this week has been totally nuts. Today is the eighth of the eighth of the eighth and the island is overun with couples getting married - the wedding planners are near to nervous breakdown, the priest is exhausted and all the brides look lovely! Gladys and Jason are getting married in just 2 hours, I shall get some pictures up over the weekend. This wedding group is definately lots of fun, they had an impromptu beach party yesterday and were offering tamales to everyone walking past.

Here is last week's cocktail party. I failed miserably! I was so engrossed in talking with everyone and having a good time that I actually forgot my camera and only took a couple of shots, sorry guys!

These mini pizzas were so good, as I had spent 3 hours in the pool with Jessica and Sam I felt I deserved a couple! I even managed to get Sharon to have one (half a one actually)!

Everyone digging in
Tammy Arnold above back to visit with her brother in law on her left here for the first time and seeing first hand what they waffle on about each year!

One of the Porter family below on the LHS, here for their second cocktail party but we banned them from doing the quiz as they had all the answers from last week. Back to sunny England for them soon but they promise to return now that their daughter is a certified diver! They are here on an exchange from Portugal through RCI which I somehow feel will never be the same again now that they have experienced the caribbean.

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