Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cocktail party, week 32

Another week rolls by and we waited until Monday to have our cocktail party as it had been the Costa Maya festival all weekend that just finished today so back to normal and here goes with our new guests to enteratin. Here we have an RCI exchange family that are happy to be here .

Sharon and Cindy doing a photo check to see if we really are losing weight!

The Field family back for the third year in a row telling the newbies what it is all about, saves Cindy and I a job which is great as we talk more than enough.

The fantastic Rico staff always happy to strike a pose for the camera and to be blogged.

Cindy whizzing around clocking up some extra steps! (must find a way to sabotage that one!)

Simon Fields from London who looks very Spainish in that hat and is wearing some very dodgy gear around his neck, we must ave a word wiv im! That was a bit of cockney by the way!

Ummm some yummy food as always

Check out that ceviche it was full of fish

Myself and Jackie a very good friend after three years of hanging out by the pool, well her anyhow and me working but time to chat and get to know each other.

Our lovely family here on the real estate promotion

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