Monday, August 18, 2008

Shout out to the boys!

Hello to one and all to another week here in paradise! I would like to start it by saying a special hello to two very good friends here on the island, Wade and Brad who are away this week celebrating a special family event. We miss them when they are gone and look forward to our own celebration when they return.
This picture was taken at the recent Saga fundraiser in the park and goodness knows how the bad boy Pedro Peter got in on the shot, it must have been a drive by moment on his part but we are fortunate he wasn't doing his signature pose of the finger!
Anyhow more news to follow as the day and week progresses, it is a wee bit quieter now on the island as some people fear those nasty hurricanes at this time of the year so please fingers and everything else crossed for us now and for the next couple of months.

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