Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Auntie M leaves the island

Wow where does two weeks go, auntie M had been here that long and here we were having dinner for her last night. She took us to Victoria House and we had a great meal as always there, a couple of pictures to tease you of the fabulous food we had.

I just have to post this picture of my mum and how mad she was and is with me right now. As you all know we have taken over Lime and it has been a full on couple of weeks and I haven't slept properly as in more than 4 hours a night. Therefore whilst sitting having dinner I kept falling asleep at the table which was very rude of me I know so my mum was and is mad at me right now. My family that follow this blog will recognise that face and know how much trouble I am in. Anyhow it was a great night and I am very sorry to see auntie M leave as she was so much fun and full of energy and enthusiasm about this place and can't wait to return. Plus she loved to hear all the dramas of the people living here and plans to help Mark write a sitcom and call it Coconut Drive! That's it from me for now but lots to follow in the next day or two ttfn.

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