Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good food good wine and great friends!

I get asked all the time what do you do for entertainment whilst living here on an island, the answer is you surround yourself with good people and a varied bunch of characters to throw in the mix. This wee post is to correct a previous one about shrimp as I have to confess it wasn't me that cooked the massive amount of it that mother spent ages de-veining! It was the great cook Beth Hart so here to prove the characters and the food are a couple of shots.

We have the fossils-need no explaining now as have been here a while, M and M my new best friends from Calgary Mark and Michelle ( Cinders still not back yet!). Collette and Maya a British couple who moved here 3 years ago now I think and are huge animal people and plan to start their own business very soon-more to follow and Beth and I not a couple! Collette and Maya brought a fabulous little red wine number from Hariri's which is next door to Banyan Bay and was reasonable for here and very tasty, hence we polished off their two bottles in no time and moved onto a wee Shiraz that I had hidden away!

Like I said you need some characters here to keep it interesting and look at Collette telling a story, maybe about Capt Jeff's fish being that big! Beth had googled for the shrimp recipe, forgive me for that wee lie in a recent post but now I know how to do it and the meal was fantastic. So much so that there was hardly any leftovers which is a shame for those of us that don't cook very often!

The evening was a great success with new people in the mix as in M and M who got on well with our lot and will be invited back again as they are great at clearing up! We are blessed with so many good restaurants on the island however it is a really pleasant change to have a home cooked meal! I really must learn to cook so we can do this more often, ttfn.

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