Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roadtrip fopr FOTHS

My poor friends that came from Calgary and New Jersey have not sat still since they came to San Pedro for a break from the cold and their normal lives! Not only am I totally consumed with Lime but I have a lot going on with the support group to Saga which is Friends Of The Humane Society, fondly known as FOTHS.
Today was no exception as we are having a fund raising yard sale in Central Park so with a list of things to achieve before 7am we head out the house at about 3.30am to put a couple of posters out to tell the public all about it.
We take one dog with us and leave the other at home so off we trot with tape and coffees in hand, note we had just got up and hadn't bothered with hair or make up so please no cheeky comments!

It seemed a good idea at the start but one hour later we were fading fast so once we ran out of tape we headed home to make burgers for the barbe and have some red bull. I will blog later hopefully with a fantastic report of how well we did but for now cheers and have a great day.

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