Saturday, February 21, 2009

Auntie P and cousin Kim have arrived!

I know how many aunties can one person have and surely they don't all want to come to Belize at the same time? Well yes it would seem that I do have one or two and with the draw of my parents also they are coming fast and furious.
Here we have my real auntie Pat from Freeport Long Island and one of her daughters Kimberly. They had just stepped off the plane not knowing about the wee puddle jumper as I only emailed them about that yesterday morning and they had already left! Anyhow here safe and sound be it a wee bit tired but loving the feel of the place already. People at Lime couldn't get over that I had a cousin who spoke so differently to myself, no worries I will try and convert her this week! Thier first stop as it should be for everyone coming to San Pedro Belize was of course Lime for a cocktail and some Lime and Chicken soup which is a special most days.

Mum giving them a run down on something, these two sisters haven't seen each other in a while and have some catching up and bonding to do. Also some bridge building which I feel for auntie P as I still have some of that to do myself!

Audrey, hanging out with Walter and Canadian Sharon (who would employ another Sharon as we thought there really was only one on San Pedro but not now). Audrey and Christine ( who makes you beautiful-photos' to follow of that later also) having a pit stop for lunch whilst running around helping us with the yard sale that we are having on Sunday for FOTHS and Saga.

Christine doing some letters for FOTHS and she as Audrey are out about soliciting for prizes for the wheel of fortune which should be a lot of fun on Sunday in Central Park at 8am to 2pm, barbe of homemade burgers and chicken wings from about 10 to 2 all being well, if I sit still long enough to put some meat n stuff together-how do you make burgers?

It is a full on day for me on Friday's as I start at Lime at 8am and then before you know it it is 8pm and still we have some cool people hanging out and drinking so who can say no to them! By 9pm we were in Pedro's doing the 50/50 which was won by a visitor who promptly gave it back to us for the Humane Society which was way cool of them. Much more to follow in a day or two sorry for the lack of blogging but getting caught up now cheers and ttfn.

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