Monday, February 23, 2009

FOTHS yard sale

The yard sale got off to a rocky start at the tables weren't there or the covers as promised by the town board, however we all were and ready to go so we started selling from the ground. This isn't the best picture of me but proves I am not totally vain, just serious as you feel responsible when you have organised things and feel it is your fault.

I don't have as many pictures as taco of all the stalls, just nearer the end of the day as my good friend Christine was on the drinks and food stall and only got a chance to take pictures at the end of the event. Here is Charlie who does an amazing jerk seasoning for the wings and gets that job every time. We will be selling them from Lime as a special so watch out cause they are finger lickin good!
Grant looking very sexy in his tight fitting FOTHS shirt that Marie from Ghecko Graphics printed up for him yesterday along with all the fliers we posted around the place today. Her one day off and she is in the park sweating for the cause and donated half her days takings, a start or what?
My good friend Helda who was a great help along with Jo who had a stall of children's clothes and toys, look out for Jo a bit later! We have only cute people in our gang eh! Watch out for the hooter night fundraiser as someone in this picture will be a huge hit on that one!

Sharon with her merry men and a beer of course as it had been a very long day, some of us started it at 1.30am like the mad fools we are!
Some of the FOTHS gang, smiling after a job seriously well done.

Grant and some of his girls, not sure what we said but it must have been cheeky!

A very warm Marie, Ghecko Graphics lady bless her, working away for the cause as always, she will go to heaven! Shame as the rest of us won't and she may be a bit lonely. My dad bought her the hat along with one for most of my friends, he couldn't get me to sit still long enough to wear one, shame eh!
Time to chill, re-group and socialise after a non-stop morning.

My homemade burgers went down a storm and we sold out early on, see I can cook after all! They may be a Sunday weekly special at Lime so watch out for that.

Here we go with the raffle with the lovely Ingrid from Saga, we had lots of entry prizes and some very happy locals that won most of them.

Laurie the vet came and drew some bless her, another hard working person who had just had the most stressful weekend since being here in San Pedro but came to this event smiling and educating people about the huge need to spade and neuter their animals. Having had her vent to me one evening whilst she was running the beach about needing an isolation unit gave me the inspiration to set up FOTHS and now she sees she has the support of many people puts a smile on her face.
A very happy Jo who won the hamper which has an Ipod Nano in it which was donated by the Vandervelde's here on vacation. They gave me a few electrical items for us to raffle off or sell for FOTHS so we want to say a huge thank you to them for having us and the animals of San Pedro in their hearts.
Four BFF's tired but very happy after a good day all around, even the rain kept away.

Back at Limey's to celebrate with the gang their as they raised lots of money doing the full on English breakfast earlier in the day. Here we have Charlie being a pirate I believe!

He deserved this drink after sweating over a hot barbe all morning and feeding us all.

Here is my BBF Cinders and I knackered after 3 weeks of hard work getting Lime sorted and knowing we are nearly there, time to drink and take it a bit easier from now on!

Here he is the one and only JD, one of the most important people in our lives, joined by a new one the very lovable Charlie.

Umm too many Yeagars I think by the looks of this photo.
Audrey my friend from Canada, wanting to dance after some very strong panty rippers!

Ut oh who is this superstar behind the bar?

Marie ( Ghecko) and Christine (Hair and beauty) having a well deserved drink or two after one very hectic Sunday in the park. These two are up there in the BFF group even though I make their lives hell sometimes I think we are still great friends! They get fed up with all the photos but this one is cool and you don't even see all the wrinkles!!!!

This was taken later that night while I was sorting out some of the monies and trying to see how we did at the sale. I had to crack up because our fluffy boxes are the same colour as my dog Jackie and it was too funny that she was curled up next to them.

It was the middle of the night and Christine knew I would be awake so came to see me with a very welcome cup of tea.Thanks to all involved today as it was a job very well done and I think we raised about $2500bz which was just over the target so I am one very happy camper and can chill out now for a while till the next event! My poor dogs are worn out along with myself and most of the people in our gang, you can all have a couple of weeks off now as St Patricks day isn't until March 17th, cheers and ttfn!


Rachel Hoke said...

Yay for you guys!!! That looked fantastic! Congrats on a job well done. I am happy to bring a couple of ipod shuffles over for you to donate to FOTHS or whatever you need. Let me know.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Cool will let you know for May cheers and lol hugs to the wee ones.