Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A listers dinner party

If you are lucky enough to be friends of Jim and Jamilla Jahammod and you get invited around for Jamilla's home cooked curries you know you are on the A list for sure. Jamilla had been saying for a couple of weeks that she wanted to have my parents over for a meal but these guys never just invite one or two persons and it's always fun when the doorbell rings and you see who was lucky enough to join you.
Mark and Michelle new to San Pedro were on the invite list as were Cinders as I as we are way too tired to cook right now-nothing new there. Beth who has just moved to Royal Palms was also invited as was Forrest as he had been hearing about her cooking for quite some time and now got the chance to taste it for himself. There was another couple visiting their son at RP who we got to meet also, here are a couple of shots to tease those that weren't there for this one.

The Lime diet was out the window tonight but not the Lime shirts!

It was a fabulous evening as always, with great food, great wines, great views and great company. I managed to stay awake all night long as stood up for most of it until the whiskey's came out then it was time to drag Cinders and myself home ready for the day ahead tomorrow, thank you to Jim and Jamilla for their unbelievable hospitality ttfn.


Rachel Hoke said...

OMG that food looks divine!!! Maybe someday we will make the list!! Meanwhile I will plan to cook my fabulous Greek Shrimp again when I'm there for anyone who wants to come and partake. So what's the Lime diet anyway???

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Lime smoothie for breakfast, Lime soup for lunch and a chicken and lime salad for tea, all served at LIme!