Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saga, San Pedro, Suzie Needs you!

For those out there that have been following this blog you may remember the adorable little white puppies, brother and sister Skipper and Suzie?

Well for a couple of days I had been seeing this white dog on the beach near Banyan Bay and she played with my two which is nothing new on the beaches of San Pedro. However on the third day I went to stroke the dog, saw the collar which we bought and realised who it was. The ticks that were on this dog made me want to cry there and then. So I got her to follow me home spent a few hours on her over a 24hr period picking them off one by one and carted her off to Pampered Paws the next morning.

Look at this face bless her as she has never been in here before and has no idea what is happening to her right now. Do you have a pit in your stomach yet? If that look isn't one of don't leave me here all by myself then I don't know what would be.

The staff in Pampered Paws are fabulous and treated her so gently and look at this clean tick free happy dog. Thanks to Kathy the owner there was no charge and she is free and clean to go.

Not before grabbing a treat or two for the trip.

This is where the really sad part starts as I didn't take her back to the beach as I wanted her to be cared for and fed while we tried to find her a new home, so off to Saga I went with Suzie happy as Larry next to me on the golf buggie.

She went into Saga and at that time they didn't know that they were about to have an outbreak of ringworm which spreads like wildfire. It isn't deadly but means no dogs or cats can be adopted right now until they are infection free. Therefore this wee one along with many others are stuck in the clinic or Fort Dog where the dogs stay for a while putting a huge strain on Saga's resources both physically and financially. Where is this leading to you may ask?

As you know myself and many of my friends are huge animal lovers and me especially since living here and taking home two Saga dogs myself.

Well we have taken it on ourselves to create a group called FOTHS which stands for Friends Of The Humane Society and our aim is to take on specific projects and do fundraising to raise the required money to achieve the set goal and move onto the next. We are a support group to Saga and aim to compliment the fantastic job that they are and have been doing for many years. A lot of us don't have children, our dogs are that replacement and have the time and energy to focus on this. Our first and huge project is that Saga needs an isolation unit built to help prevent what they are going through right now which is an outbreak of a disease that they have no way of controlling.
This is where all my faithful followers come in. We plan to have an event every single month to raise money. For example this month we are having a cake stall at the San Pedro Food Festival this coming Saturday 7th Feb. Then on the 22nd of Feb we are having a yard sale in the park where people pay 50bz for a table and can sell what they like. There will be a 1bz entry fee which includes a free raffle ticket and then we are selling raffles for some great prizes.
In March we are planning a bingo and a curry night, April an Easter parade and fun day. May my favourite right now a Beauty and the Beast day where you come with a pet and both of you get a grooming and massage etc. The list goes on with people coming up with great ideas daily.
We need your support both physically and financially, we will be having raffles at every event and always need prizes! The Vanderveldes have just arrived from Colorado and have brought some digital cameras which are super cheap now in the states and will make a great prize for us.
I know quite a few people that read my blog live here so please spread the word and for my lovely friends and followers from the states please stay in touch and let me know when you are coming so that we can get some great stuff from there along with my Absolute peach Vodka of course!
Saga needs help more than ever as there are the most cats and dogs that I have personnally ever seen in there and like I said this is a strain on all their limited resourses. Money can be taken in in person and sent safely on line. If anyone coming to San Pedro for a visit and misses their pets pop in and see the staff and new vet-Laurie. maybe even walk one of the dogs.

Suzie is just one of the many animals under Saga's roof right now and they all just need some TLC, look at this little one and tell me it doesn't make you want to save them all. Well every little bit counts so I thank you for taking the time to read this very long post if you would like to email me any ideas or info or comments then please do so on

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