Friday, February 13, 2009

New beginnings!

Good morning faithful followers, firstly I must apologise for my absence this past week, where have you been my lovely?
I have had emails from a lot of people asking that so here goes. As my heading states and the tattoo on my back stands for, new beginnings is very apt right now as I go in a new direction.
I no longer work for Banyan Bay or Grand Colony as they are also having a change of direction and are not pursuing any new sales right now with regards to the timeshare. Therefore as I only got paid by commission this meant I needed to find work elsewhere if I wanted to stay on San Pedro. After a week hanging out with my parents and clearing out my house ready for my yard sale next week I was approached and asked to run The Lime Tour Centre opposite Tropic air. Knowing my partner in crime was heading back from the UK by the weekend I said yes and started in Lime Tour Centre and Bar and Grill on February 1st.
Therefore I have had a busy couple of weeks cleaning clearing and getting the place organised so that all my good friends here and visiting will come and have a beer and a chat in a lovely English pub environment! Enough from me for now lots more to follow have a great day, cheers from the Limey's!

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Robyn Biggar said...

Hi Sharon - I hope to come and see you at Lime shortly. My daughter and her boyfriend are meeting me at Banyon Bay in a weeks time. I've been searching your blog to try and find out whether you were still at Banyan Bay. Sounds like you are having a great time.Had thought about upgrading to Grand Colony but see they are separate now. I hope Banyan Bay is ok.
Not sure if you remember me, you sold Ross and I a timeshare in July last year - we are from New Zealand. Hope to see you soon.