Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Basil

Here we go out and about again gadding around San Pedro but as you all know one has to eat and what better place is there to go than Sweet Basil!
Geeves is here to greet you but not seat you as he can't move very far but what a cute start, so up you go mother you can do those stairs. Bless them they are soooo sweet love em!

Daddy fossil has gotten a bit of a taste for this Belikin stuff and orders it before we have even sat down, cheers Barry Bowen more change in ya pocket! By the way Tommy looks like that regardless of how many beers he has had and Maureen is always telling him off for some of his silly faces, Apple tree I know, I cringe as I hear myself 30 years down the line however I digress.

Mother has taken a liking to rum punch which she has done some research into and can tell you it is different everywhere she has tried it so far! Some better than others and some way too potent, watch out father-apple tree ummm! Those that know me know that my downfall is red wine, hint hint to my next hot date!

Bless that girl doesn't she look nice and friendly and calm and mellow-hello it's me forget all that!

Yummy yummy in my tummy, here comes my favourite part and just looking at these pictures my mouth is watering all over again. I had chicken breast with some cheese I can't pronounce and lots of pesto. It was absolutely gorgeous, filling, tasty and looks good too.

Father fossil had a plain old cheese and ham sandwich as he read somewhere that goes best with beer!
Mother fossil had popcorn chicken with a blue cheese sauce that was to die for! Who ever made that saying should be shot, hey maybe they were over some food and that's where it came from anyhow it was soooooo good and lots of it too.

We interrupt this post to tease the people facing snow and awful weather right now to show you how it is in Belize! San Pedro what can we say? The sun is shining, there is a breeze to keep it cool and people are happy and having fun, maybe that's why we call it paradise! This is the view from where we were sat, not bad eh?

Never a post or a place without their resident dog and here onto the stage came Jacks. The quirkiest English Sheepdog you ever did see as they have to keep him shaved to stop all the ticks bless him. The most gorgeous eyes you will ever see on a dog but of course he wouldn't look up to me for a shot to prove that.

Time to go and hide and chill out in the shade.

We were full but you know how that goes and I was blogging so there has to be a dessert, this one is so fine and even with 3 of us sharing (ok dad wouldn't) we couldn't finish it.

We had a damn good try though but had to admit defeat, the Americans beat us with this one!

For those of you that know the owners of this place the lovely Jewels and Tyler and their new son Legend will know what a great couple they are and how true these words are to them. This is a great spot with beautiful views and great food so a must for visitors to the island that want to brave that bloody terrible road up north! This is a good start to that trip as after a few rums you don't care how many times you get jostled off the golf buggie.
Unfortunately since we were up there Jewels has been in and out of hospital, we wish her well and a speedy recovery. They are having a fundraiser this week up at sweet Basil to raise some money to help with all their hospital bills, I will post details soon and for sure will be blogging it as it will be a fun afternoon cheers gang ttfn.

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