Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day!!

Happy belated Valentines day to one all out there, here is how we celebrated it in San Pedro with a barbe at my house which was the one re-scheduled from when auntie D was here, sorry if you are reading this auntie D as it was great food people and wine.

My very good friend Marilyn Marx and I starting as we meant to go on! After two crazy weeks setting up Lime's tour centre and bar and grill I took the afternoon off to chat, eat and drink and trust me I did that in style. Wearing my love heart bikini thanks to Jackie in the UK and my red pj's thanks to my mum at Christmas. Yes I have lost some of the weight I put on over Christmas as I am now on the Lime diet!

My FOTHS raffle hamper taking pride of place and some great food thanks to my good friends.

I can cook after all, well I can make burgers and kebabs check out all those limes!

Taco girl looking very tanned and toned thanks to Maureen's aqua aerobics she tells me, she's looking hot Paul eh?
Another shot for the boys!

I swear that this is the first proper meal I have eaten since starting the Lime diet and it was good even if I say so myself.
Jeff agrees with me, it is finger licking good thanks to Charlie's chicken wings! They are being sold today I am told at Lime, 3 for 5bz so come and check them out for yourselves if in the area.
Daddy Boydie taking time out from painting, he got the windows done in the nick of time for today bless him!
Star boy Phil and nursing a hangover after a Friday night in Lime then that naughty bar Pedro's!

What can I say other than here is Forrest and Collette getting lippy!

That poor guy, first time to my house and I doubt he will be back, oh well!

Umm he gets a bit passionate don't you think? Real estate sales people what can I say!

Mother Boydie putting the world to rights with the lovely Jackie, as in person not my dog.

Molly fancied a swim in my pool and why not indeed, looks like a damn good idea to me.

Go for it Molly, nearly done a lap only 25 to go!
Bless herAll at it now like a bunch of chatty Charlie's, solving world peace I hope.

Product placement for Barry Bowen, like he needs it!

Go on Molls in again, you know you want to.

Not sure about this one must ask Phil and Marie.

Who told them to wear red, romantic lot!

Auntie M and mother who was wearing red earlier, they were quite amazed at how this all came together as we were still in Lime at 12.30pm and it was starting at 2pm! Not quite used to the Belize timing yet but getting there I think. Shout out to auntie M's family, she is having a great time and planning on bringing some of you back with her next year!

Jackie still busy.

More kebabs, my Jackie hoping that she gets away with another one like the cheeky monkey that she is!
Matt and Jo finally made it around to my house after many postponed barbe's and like they say some things are worth waiting for and this was one of them.

This is the other half of M and M, Mark is my middle of the night buddy as we are both on the Internet very early in the morning and chat away. Then at 6am he goes to bed while I walk with his wife Michelle so it's all good.

Michelle wasn't happy with the first shot so here we go again.

As I had been wearing my pj's all day it was soon time to put them and me to bed. It was a great day with some really cool people, lots of leftovers which will be promptly on the special board tomorrow!
A quick shout out to Helda and Robbie who are now an item and couldn't make this party as they were doing romantic things. Helda checks my blog daily and is sad for the lack of posts of late. Well my friend I am back, new look new colour and a whole new attitude so watch out!

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Rachel Hoke said...

Why is that man wearing a MICHIGAN (as in UM NOT Michigan state) hat!!! You are to ban him from ever stepping foot in your home again with that thing on his head for God sake!!! HAHAHA! You look great you skinny bitch! Send me that diet as I am fat as ever and need to look like the girl in the bikini before we head to Belize...