Saturday, January 31, 2009

What you think your on holiday?

So a few months back when my mum jested about coming for 3 months and what would they do we came up with the idea of some DIY for my dad. That stands for Do It Yourself in the UK and there is a chain of hardware stores called that. My mum was going to teach me how to cook! Umm well here we go, bless him in the heat of the day he can be seen scraping the burglar bars and then repainting them. I am in the process of buying this house if it ever comes out of probate so they are helping me increase the value of it and making it look nice.

Isn't he a happy chappy in his work even in the hottest moments.

So what was mother doing while he is busy on one side of the house? She is doing something she has never ever done before!

De-veining shrimp as like the muppet I can be I go along to the Belikin distributors and ask for a box of shrimp even though Marie from Ghecko graphics has told me before you can pay a bit extra and have them good to go! Ah well it kept fossil 2 occupied while I googled a recipe with shrimp in it, who needs mother when we have Internet eh!

Ok it got hot and everyone had done their chores for the day so time to chill and get some sun therapy!
Mum with her not so favourite dog by her side, unlike Jackie though Lisbon does ignore my mum and just sits there.
Ok time to go see other one as mother had just splashed Lisbon which was rather mean of her. However it did the trick as Lisbon headed over to a chilled out dad in the hammock thinking of cold and dreary England no doubt, NOT! Sorry auntie D to tease you as I know you are freezing in Calgary right now.
What a successfull day, they can come back tomorrow we think and the nest day and the nest!

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