Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunset Cruise again!

It was Auntie D's last night and one of her requests was a sunset cruise so here we are with some guests from Banyan Bay and some faithful friends of mine as we have to have a minimum number to take the boat! Check this lot out at the beginning of the evening with their sea legs intact! Marie and Phil always up for a night out and didn't back out due to the sub zero weather unlike some of my lot!
My mum and Auntie D getting cosy with Chunky who to be honest is not at all chunky but has been stuck with that name since childhood and doesn't seem to mind at all.

Ten years coming to San Pedro for the Vaughn pair and they have never been on a cruise so time to change that for sure along with the lovely Bev.

Beth another good sport and not a Larry letdown!

Ut oh time for the sun to go night nights and take the warmth with it.

One of the crew the lovely Ruddy, sending out those lethal rum punches through the hatch.

Our boat captain that wouldn't smile for the camera!

My dad and Phil who was eating my tea!

I was trying to keep warm and suss him out as a blanket for later!


Auntie D must have had one more rum than Maureen as she looks happier and warmer!

Not one to miss out at all, we look like we should be in St Tropez!

Chunky and Ruth, a fabulous couple and a whole lorra fun!

All good to far

Stop that you two or you will need a cabin!

Worth getting cold for or what?

Bye bye sun
Every one's a photographer now or a blogger!

Nearly 50years together and still smiling, one of them could have gone down for murder and been out by now but hey it must be love!

Ok so we were cold and we admit it, all cuddled together to keep warm, we should have had some rum like the fossils did as they weren't complaining at all.

Does this cockney geezer look like trouble or what!

This is where it all started to go wrong, that naughty Ruddy was still giving them rum!

Who knows what tickled his fancy as he has a warped sense of humour!

This lady is never without a smile on her face and a camera in yours.

The last of the sea legs trust me!

A little wobble after a lovely evening at sea, night night everyone!

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