Friday, January 16, 2009

Hair by Christine!

This is that good friend of mine that brings the rain with her on every trip to San Pedro! I went to stay with Christine whilst in the states last October and she took me to her place of work and treated me to the luxury of having my hair done in a plush setting! We did a deal with the owner, an exchange for the hair products they now have my British accent on their answer phone.

What a difference as she now treats all of her friends here in Belize to some cuts and colours in Casa Sharon's! Here is Denise Lee another very good friend having some highlights, very chic.

She sits and waits patiently while Beth is in the chair.

Lauren Lee sits and waits while we all get fixed up and joins in the banter of a load of women, it really was like a regular salon especially after the vodka started to flow!

Beth's turn
Dogs are not impressed and bored by the activity and all the rain.

That chair was a hot seat! Lisbon is happy now that she is getting some attention from Lauren.

Look at her all fresh! One happy and cute as always Denise.

My turn
Auntie D came over also
Poor Christine, what started out as a couple of cuts and getting some friends together certainly went on for a few hours. However true to form she was still smiling and happy even though it had gotten so late and no=one had eaten anything other than some crisps, chips to you guys! Well it was another wet day in Belize but as always we made the most of it ttfn.

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