Friday, January 23, 2009

Shout out to the girls!

After a week in paradise this is definitely the answer, a glass of red wine with some great friends. This post is a shout out to 2 of them as they are not here right now but each time I have a glass as I will later on tonight at the Wet Willies fund raiser I will think of them!

As can be seen by those smiles this was a fabulous afternoon spent at our new fav spot the Catamaran bar drinking our new fav red wine from Premium Fat Bastard! Cheers Richard Price the owner for delivering extra bottles and giving us the discount for bulk buying! Anyone out there wanting to bribe me in the future this is the way to go a decent red some cheese and some great buddies, hurry back girls for another session ttfn xx

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bean819 said...

cheers to one of many fantastic days and more to come! Good times, good friends!
I'm hurrying !! lol