Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dinner with mum and dad-yum!

So I get asked what's it like having your parents staying around the corner and here for nearly 3 months well this wee post will tell you quite a lot.
My mum and dad see me many times during the day as they are early risers and are sat on their balcony drinking coffee as I walk the wee ones every morning and then again in the afternoon. I chat to them through out the day and check what their plans are especially regarding dinner. One of the things I want to do with them on this trip is to learn to cook! Only kidding as those that know me know I can make some very interesting dishes without their help already-true?
So the other night I was invited around tea and wow is was fine. A couple of shots of their condo to show the visitors coming over the next couple of weeks what they are coming to.

This tree may not be big but it was the thought that counted and it was festive all the same and hey we didn't have that many presents to put under it so there!

Mum busy preparing a feast of what you may ask?

I get asked about this dish all the time by some of my guests that quiz me about British food so here we have bangers and mash!

I had to take this picture of my mums list on the fridge door as it cracked me up how she lists the meals as one night and then another night etc. Maureen Boyd is a one off and we just love her to pieces and she takes our banter so well.

I am very much a list person as people will vouch for and come out with some crackers as Cinders would agree with. Once again it can be seen that the apple really didn't fall far from the tree!

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