Monday, January 5, 2009

Lisbon is a bully!

Why would I say this about my adorable dog? Let me tell you, here we have a very typical scenario on our early morning walks, here we go.

1. Jackie susses out where a crab is and starts to frantically dig for it!

2. Lisbon comes along and pushes Jackie out of the way and continues on with the search.

3. Jackie starts on another hole of her own, see who is looking on!

4. Lisbon decides to take that one over also and pushes the wee mild one out of the way!

5. Jackie goes back to the original one and just carries on looking for that poor crab.

6. They are both on a mission now and are really going for it.

7. Heads down tails up and the sand is flying in all directions.

8. Lisbon decides to go back to the first hole and pushes Jackie aside once again.

9. Jackie gives up and starts to walk away.

10. Lisbon realises that if Jackie has given up then the crab probably got away and she decides to do so also.
Lisbon has always been in charge and I am sure it will never change, she is the hard and tough beach dog where as Jackie came from the dogs home to my home. Two very different dogs but a whole lot of fun. They say that dogs reflect their owners well they have the good and bad traits of me in the both of them. Like Tacogirl once said to me "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" I will remind them of that now that my mum is here!


bean819 said...

haha...classic Lisbon! this was
great and really shows their personalities in a nutshell.
Loved it:)

Boydies Belize Blog said...

That's my girl for sure love her!

Colette and Maya said...

Who is a naughty girl then? Apple/tree hmm