Friday, January 2, 2009

New years eve part 2

Happy new years from San Pedro at 6pm our time.

Beth far away from family in Rhode island

My favourite wee one on the island little Lucy

My very good friend Ruth and her signature drink of a dirty banana

We moved over to Pedro's of course, ,myself, Tracey and Craig our South African buddies.

Is she glam or what, this girls looks super sexy at every given opportunity.

Not one to miss out on a photo opp I jump in the picture looking not so glam as hadn't even time to freshen up from work before heading out hence the sunglasses!

Moving on to Playa lounge and finding a few familiar faces.

There was a really good crowd all decked out for the big countdown!

There he is that bad man!

Onto Fido's and wow what a crowd we found there and a great atmosphere.

New name?
Just below Blue Moon restaurant there was a fun crowd of people hanging out

The park was lively also

My good friend Jules from Sweet Basil who brings the new year in as a mum for 2009!

Happy New Years everyone have a great one!

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